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> The services provided in this area include all legal aspects of business and commercial nature, especially the following:
  • Planning, design and advice in setting up companies, corporations, institutions and organizations.
  • Partnership and cooperation agreements and structures.
  • Assessment and design of corporate governance structure.
  • Legal defence of shareholders’ interests.
  • Drafting of by-laws and memoranda of incorporation or association and special shareholder agreements (control clauses, complementary shareholder contributions, sale and exit covenants) and agreements of syndicated votes.
  • Advice for management and governing bodies.
  • Advice regarding directors’ and officers’ liabilities.
  • Groups of Companies.
  • Transfer of shares and holdings.
  • Capital increase and decrease and capital reduction.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions; split-offs; transformation and reorganization, separation and exclusion of shareholders; change of legal address to foreign countries; general assignment of assets and liabilities, joint ventures, spin-offs, sales books, due diligence and data room.
  • Advice on compliance with anti-money laundering and fraud regulations and company’s criminal liability.
  • Commercial contracts: contracts of sale, lease, distribution and franchise. Commercial Agency contracts, supply, licensing, leasing, logistics, services, technology, etc.
  • Financial Contracts: loan, credit, shareholder loans.
  • Audits on legal matters and control of subsidiaries.
  • Specific advice for family businesses. Family protocols.

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